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Luna Stellar Soul
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eat, Stray, Poop

One day a week when I'm not flying I volunteer at our local Humane Society. When I arrived this morning they were off loading a truck load of little doggies from Los Angeles California. This is the 4th or 5th truckload from L.A. since January. Apparently all the Hollywood starlets are tired of their  "pocket" dogs, but the ignorant greedy breeders continue to breed them! There were 3 to 4 dogs to a kennel. Crying, cold, dirty and frightened. Once processed they were transferred to these kennels. They will now be thoroughly examined by the on sight veterinarian, behavioral tested, fed, bathed, and cuddled. Then one day very soon, they will be up for adoption and looking for their "forever" family.
I wasn't able to do this kind of "service" prior to rescuing Luna. I remember once going through volunteer training for our local Hospice. I got half way through the training and had to bail. I was an emotional wreck! I felt like such a loser for not being able to help. Luna has enabled me to serve, to be strong and to bring joy to peoples life's. In life and in death. Why? I'm not quite sure, except for I think she rescued me. I was at such a sad, gloomy, vulnerable place when Stella died. I had lost my job, and lost my "mojo" too. I just couldn't find ME. She brought me back to my happy place and back to ME.
So when people say to me "how do you volunteer there? I could never do it. I'd want to take them all home" And I say..... "it's not easy, but they need me and they could use you too!" Truth is is that I'm so busy the whole time I'm there, I'm focused on getting things done and cleaned up. Dogs walked, kennels cleaned, beds laundered, dog dishes washed, garbage emptied, an occasional bath, and cuddle. All done by donations, volunteers and very dedicated hard working animal loving people.
Thanks Luna!!

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  1. I should have called this chapter "Eat, Spay, Poop" LOL!!