Luna Stellar Soul

Luna Stellar Soul
Happy dog

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eat, Stray, Poop

One day a week when I'm not flying I volunteer at our local Humane Society. When I arrived this morning they were off loading a truck load of little doggies from Los Angeles California. This is the 4th or 5th truckload from L.A. since January. Apparently all the Hollywood starlets are tired of their  "pocket" dogs, but the ignorant greedy breeders continue to breed them! There were 3 to 4 dogs to a kennel. Crying, cold, dirty and frightened. Once processed they were transferred to these kennels. They will now be thoroughly examined by the on sight veterinarian, behavioral tested, fed, bathed, and cuddled. Then one day very soon, they will be up for adoption and looking for their "forever" family.
I wasn't able to do this kind of "service" prior to rescuing Luna. I remember once going through volunteer training for our local Hospice. I got half way through the training and had to bail. I was an emotional wreck! I felt like such a loser for not being able to help. Luna has enabled me to serve, to be strong and to bring joy to peoples life's. In life and in death. Why? I'm not quite sure, except for I think she rescued me. I was at such a sad, gloomy, vulnerable place when Stella died. I had lost my job, and lost my "mojo" too. I just couldn't find ME. She brought me back to my happy place and back to ME.
So when people say to me "how do you volunteer there? I could never do it. I'd want to take them all home" And I say..... "it's not easy, but they need me and they could use you too!" Truth is is that I'm so busy the whole time I'm there, I'm focused on getting things done and cleaned up. Dogs walked, kennels cleaned, beds laundered, dog dishes washed, garbage emptied, an occasional bath, and cuddle. All done by donations, volunteers and very dedicated hard working animal loving people.
Thanks Luna!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good bye dear friends..... rest in peace

I write today, not so much about my life because of my dog, but more about just LIFE. This photo is of my dear childhood friend Elaine (on the left) Kelli, and me on the right. We were in High School here in Kirkland about 1977. Elaine passed away yesterday peacefully with her daughter and husband close by. Ending her long battle with cancer. About an hour after hearing the news of Elaine's passing, I got a call that another dear friend had succumb to brain cancer. Then another 30 minutes later yet another call. Ralph "Biff" Niehaus passed away at the ripe old age of 94. He was like a father to me since we met back in the mid 80's. He had 8 children and a gazillion grand kids. He played professional football back when they wore leather helmets! His one true love was Gertrude (Trudy) his loving wife who passed much too young back in 1977. Years ago I rescued (more like stole) a little Springer Spaniel (about 6 mos old) who was being beaten with a bat by her ignorant drunk owner. I waited until he passed out, and climbed over the fence in the middle of a wintry night and brought her home with me. Her name was Maggie. She was a love. So so sweet but you couldn't raise your voice around her because she would shake violently and lay as flat and as still as she possibly could. Long story short, Biff ended up with Maggie living with him in Reading Ohio. He was living alone and loved Maggie's company. When it came time for Maggie to leave this world (at 16 years old) Biff called me and through his tears asked me if he was "doing the right thing". She lived out the rest of her years as his constant companion, his friend, his everything. They went for car rides, walks and when I would go back for visits, she would see me and come running. I would get the most precious kisses, then she would look back at Biff and retreat to his side.
Last night when I knelt next to my bed to pray for the three friends who had left us. Luna was laying next to me in her bed. I cried as I spoke out loud saying goodbye (for now) to these amazing souls. I felt somber, but at peace. I curled up with Luna for a minute in her gigantic Costco bed. As I wrapped an arm around her to say good night she exhaled one very long breath and I could feel her body lie in "Savasana" (dead pose in yoga). Her body totally supported by the earth and not a thought in her head. With that as a reminder, I crawled up into my bed and tried to do the same.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Live life abundantly.......

Thanksgiving is behind us, the snow is melted away. Antique dishes and cutlery have been hand washed and put back in their protective homes. The tables stowed, the linens laundered and life is back to normal. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday for a number of reasons. I love the food, but I also like coming together and not having the stress of shopping, gifts, or decor. Just cook, sit and break bread with our family, our friends and anyone who doesn't have a place to go. And most importantly "be thankful"
That message gets missed by a lot of folks. It does take a little practice to be reminded of all the things that each and everyone of us have to be thankful for. My current reality is a very slow corporate aviation industry. Very few trips for me means very little money for me. Again, it's my current reality.Not who I am, or who I intend to be. My intent is abundance. To live life abundantly. To be thankful day in and day out and to feel real joy and real happiness all the way to my core. So, practice yourselves. No negative thoughts, no negative feelings. Just think positive, loving abundant thoughts. Be thankful. Talk out loud if it helps. Dance around, sing, laugh, be joyful. Help others, serve others. When you are on the path of love, you cannot be distracted by thoughts of negation. Luna makes me happy. This picture of her airborne waiting to fetch the ball. Pure and simple love.