Luna Stellar Soul

Luna Stellar Soul
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Live life abundantly.......

Thanksgiving is behind us, the snow is melted away. Antique dishes and cutlery have been hand washed and put back in their protective homes. The tables stowed, the linens laundered and life is back to normal. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday for a number of reasons. I love the food, but I also like coming together and not having the stress of shopping, gifts, or decor. Just cook, sit and break bread with our family, our friends and anyone who doesn't have a place to go. And most importantly "be thankful"
That message gets missed by a lot of folks. It does take a little practice to be reminded of all the things that each and everyone of us have to be thankful for. My current reality is a very slow corporate aviation industry. Very few trips for me means very little money for me. Again, it's my current reality.Not who I am, or who I intend to be. My intent is abundance. To live life abundantly. To be thankful day in and day out and to feel real joy and real happiness all the way to my core. So, practice yourselves. No negative thoughts, no negative feelings. Just think positive, loving abundant thoughts. Be thankful. Talk out loud if it helps. Dance around, sing, laugh, be joyful. Help others, serve others. When you are on the path of love, you cannot be distracted by thoughts of negation. Luna makes me happy. This picture of her airborne waiting to fetch the ball. Pure and simple love.

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