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Luna Stellar Soul
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

Our local ski area opened up this past weekend and we were on the slopes Saturday and Sunday!! Sunny, cold, good dry snow. Just not quite enough of it this early on. If always feels so good to have the wind on your face and the glow that follows. It's one of the places that my husband and I really enjoy "together". We own a tiny condo up across the street from the ski area. Mornings are spent laying in bed sipping tea or coffee and reading all the material that piled up during the week. Anything but bills. Circulars, magazines, new books, Christmas cards etc.. Then a quick bowl of oatmeal, some yoga poses and full body stretches and we hit the slopes!! Now with Luna we get back and take her out for a walk. She loves the snow. Yesterday we walked up into the valley. Usually we are unable to do this particular hike because back country skiers are coming out of the valley and it can get pretty treacherous with skiers coming at you full speed. But with the back country still closed it was just snowshoe rs and hikers. Luna roots, runs, flings snow up into the air and runs like the wind. So fun to watch and warms my heart. And always brings a smile to our faces.
A daily practice for me is gratitude. Remembering all the things I'm forever grateful for. Not the lack of, or the need of. But shifting my thinking into believing that I have more than enough. I lack or need nothing.
We have on the average 60,000 thoughts a day. Because my "current reality" is being unemployed, it is a daily practice to shift my thinking and think of nothing but prosperity, abundance, pure happiness and love. We all attract what we have thought about into our lives, period. Imagine what you want in your life. See it as yours, whatever that may be. Convince your mind, your thoughts that you already have "received". What does that feel like? Take that feeling and run with it. "What you think about, you bring about". It's amazing what our minds and thoughts are capable of. The "Placebo" effect for example. If someone tells you to take this pill it will cure what ails you. And you take it. And because of the predominant thought is "if I take this I will be cured" you in effect, cure yourself with nothing but your thoughts!! Amazing.... really. I was watching a Holiday movie while up at the condo and saw another famous (yet never think about) quote. "Ask and you shall receive" Where do you think these came from? How about the Genie in the bottle? "Your wish is my command" BELIEVE! Shift your thinking into FEELING like you have already recieved. THINK it into your life! Anything, anytime, anywhere. This is a magical time of the year. Let's all BELIEVE and let's all find someone to help or serve. Giving is one of the fastest ways to get into thinking your way to happiness, good health and abundance.
Tonight we decorate the tree with my friend Christine here from Florida and her two 11 year old twin girls. Life is good.........

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