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Luna Stellar Soul
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve Day

Lot's of snow still on the ground and very frigid temps. Luna and I haven't been out and about in two days. Except of course when we walked through the woods the last couple of days. She loves the snow!! Her pads were so frozen that I had to slowly put them in a pot of cool water before we came in the house. The table is set for 17 people (it looks like an aircraft carrier it's so long) We just have to pick up our fresh birds at the grocery today. One goes in the smoker and one in the oven. Yum..... it's my favorite Holiday. For various reasons.
Today is our regular scheduled visit to Horizon House. I'm a little hesitant about those steep hills near the home but we really want to go see our buddies on this day, the day before Thanksgiving. I had asked Lorraine a few weeks ago if she would like to come to my house for Thanksgiving. Her reply was "that is so nice, but it would be too difficult" She'll be with us in spirit, I'm sure of it.
I'm also anxious to see her memorial (of sorts) in the lobby of the Horizon House. I wonder what Luna will do when we near room # 327 (Lorraine's room) We are there for the living today, and will keep Lorraine near and dear to us for many years to come. Carolyn needs her feet warmed! Why she lays at her feet? So cute......


  1. Just home from our visit and Luna warmed Carolyn's feet!! Eleanor had ton's of info for us (she is the hub of all activity and info in the house) and Gretchen was bummed at breakfast this morning because there was NO bacon for Lunie:(
    Betty Ward suddenly passed away and Carmen is through fighting as well and has passed on. Four souls passed away since Saturday. And the beat goes on.....

  2. Beautiful story Stebby - great great story and a real tear-jerker. Keep up the good work!!!!
    gotogreece :)