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Luna Stellar Soul
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So long for now..... I love you too too much!

This last year has brought a lot of loss. First my dear father in law "Lloyd Myron Leckness" Born in 1916. And left this world on September 18th 2013. Then just three weeks ago, my sweet daddy "Clyde Eugene Smith" born in 1923 and left us on January 16th 2014, just three weeks shy of his 91st birthday. I've always heard that losing a parent is a strange, painful and forever changing part of our journey here on earth. I can now attest to that. But being a person of gratitude and always finding the silver linings in life. How blessed I have been to have both of these men for nearly 55 years! True blessing.
Through the love of this amazing animal, we have touched many life's. Both of these dearly departed men lived out the last part of their journey in nursing facilities. On our (almost) daily visits, Luna was always in tow. She brought so much joy to so many residents, some without one visitor EVER! When my dad was tired, or in pain or frustrated Luna would lay with him and his fears, his anxieties would just melt away right before my eyes. And it was so incredible that it usually brought tears to my eyes! The morning my father took his last breath, I was there within 15 minutes of receiving "the call". As we walked into the room, I prepared myself to see him laying in his bed physically present but his soul out of his body. Luna saw him and barked twice. She never had done that before. One of the aids was from Africa and immediately said "perhaps your father was still here in the room?"  Something to ponder I guess? She felt something, no doubt in my mind or in my heart.
We continue to visit because although my daddy is gone, the residents we have met and spent so much time with are still there. Luna continues to bring joy, give kisses, and just do what she does best, LOVE.
Last week my sisters and I traveled to Maui Hawaii to honor our father's last wish. To scatter his earthly remains in his favorite place on earth. He loved life, golf, sun, fun, and family gatherings. It was such an emotional, cathartic and loving experience. I'm still in awe that we were able to fulfill his wish. So blessed. There is never "goodbye" but rather "So long for now" for my dad and Lloyd albeit physically gone from our lives, I can feel them with me everyday. My dad used to tell us "I love you too too much" Well daddy.... I love you too! Too too too too too too much! God bless you both, love your daughter and daughter in law. And of course Luna!

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